My personal story

Pietro Calderini Nannerini

Co-owner of Pasta Eredi Nazareno Strampelli

Nazareno Strampelli

Also known in the academia as “the genius of wheat”, was a geneticist born in a well-off family, always conscious of the conditions of the farmers.

Inventor of the strain of wheat “Senatore Cappelli” and great-great-great grandfather of Pietro.

Where am I from:

What you see is my family’s farm, is the place where I grew up and to which I have a strong connection.

As a kid I used to run in those fields, feel free and without a care in the world.

The moment of my responsibility:

When my dad told me that he wanted to make a pasta out of the wheat of my ancestor I was enthusiastic. Then asked me something unexpected, if I wanted to create the website. I felt ready for this new challenge and to help my family in the creation of this new brand: “Pasta Eredi Nazareno Strampelli”.

The work that me and my family put in:

We started by planting the seeds, by hand, one for each plant. To then see them grow and use the seeds from the harvest to plant more and at the end reach multiple fields. At night instead I would learn through tutorials and YouTube on how to make a Website.

The finalization of the website

Once the website was completed I felt accomplished and part or the family business as a whole.